Who am I?


  1. Diputación de Badajoz: Course online of Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure (Battery packs of Lithium ion NMC & LFP, inverters and electric motors and AC & DC Chargers)
  2. VIServeis: Technical Trainer in Low Voltage Systems and Powertrain for eBuses and eTrucks (Battery Pack, Power Electronics and Electric Motor).
  3. Circontrol: Product Manager in Charging Infrastructure systems.
  4. Etecnic: Consultant for the optimization of the Service Operations (company responsible for installation, maintenance and management of charging infrastructure).
  5. Prevint: Technical Trainer in safe handling of Electric Vehicles (High Voltage).
  6. EEVC EU: Presentation of the paper in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show: “Power Line Communication in the EV charging infrastructure in emplacements with no wireless cover (Wednesday 15th March 2017 – Javier Sanchez Rios / JSR – Consulting).
  7. Conference in La Salle about EV and the Charging Infrastructure (Master of Smart Grids and Smart Cities).( Smart Grids i Smart Cities)
  8. Member of IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), Power Electronics Society and Transportation Electrification. (PES) y Transportation Electrification


The professional experience of Javier Sanchez Rios is developed in many different industries in Spain and Germany.
Javier has a Bachelor in Electronic Engineer by the University of Vic and a Master in Renewable Energies by the University of Barcelona. On the other hand, Javier has acquired knowledge and skills through courses in Electric Vehicle, Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency, Coaching Skills, Innovation and Energy Policy.


About his experience, Javier developed projects in the Metering Industry (Itron) in an Electronic Lab, in the production of fluid control for brake systems in the Automotive Industry (TI Automotive Systems), in a project in Germany about the Energy Efficiency of a production process of recycling material (Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal), as a responsible of the Service Operations in the Consumer Electronics Industry (Whirlpool Iberia), and recently, in a Control Room for the remote control of PV farms in Germany (Skytron-energy), as a Tender Documentation Engineer in Wind Power Industry (Arghos), and as a Product Manager in EV Charging Infrastructure (Circontrol).


In the recent years, his activities have been focused on Technical Training in EV and the Charging Infrastructure (cars, eBuses and eTrucks), and in Low and Medium Voltage Systems.