Course of EV and its safe handling of the High Voltage System.


– History of the Electric Vehicle.
– Reasons for the resurgence and proliferation of the VE.
– Electric Motorbikes
– Electric buses and trucks

Fundamentos de Electrotécnia


UF1_Introducción a la corriente eléctrica

  • NF1_Particularidades de la materia.
  • NF2_Intensidad de corriente eléctrica, voltaje, tensión o fuerza electromotriz y resistencia eléctrica.
  • NF3_Conductores y aislantes.
  • NF4_Potencia y energía.
  • NF5_Diferencias entre la corriente alterna y la corriente continua.

UF2_Ley de Ohm

  • NF1_Introducción a las principales magnitudes eléctricas.
  • NF2_Ley de Ohm y medición de principales magnitudes.
  • NF3_Asociación de resistencias: serie, paralelo y mixto.
  • NF4_Asociación de generadores de corriente continua: serie, paralelo y mixto.
  • NF5_Condensadores en corriente continua.

Electric Vehicle

– Electric machines
– Storage systems: electrochemical and fuel cells
– Power Electronics (inverter)

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

– Standard IEC 61851; charging modes and types of gun

– Technical features of the chargers

– Electric projects for charging installation

– Introduction to the Power System: distribution system, Overhead and subterranean power lines, secondary substation and point of common coupling

– Charging infrastructure Installations features

– Definitions

– Physical and logic devices in the charging infrastructure

– Metering

– Control systems

– Electrical protections (Surge protection, MCB & RCD)

– General requirements

Safe handling of EV (Electric Vehicle)

– Introduction to the High Voltage system (HV) of the EV

– Electrical insulation definition

– Insulation resistance measurement

– Specific tools

– Insulated tools and its management

– Multimeters

– Safety signs

– Laser thermometer and thermographic camara

– Lifting table, charging infrastructure and quarantine zone

– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

– Insulating gloves, helmet with face protection, electrical protections work boots, insulating blanckets

– Safety concepts in the High Voltage System (HV)

– Concept of direct and indirect electrical contact

– The Five Golden Rules

– Vehicle Work procedures in HV systems

– High Voltage Disconnection

– Maintenance disconnection

– Verify the absence of voltage

– High Voltage Connector

– Emergency jobs with High Voltage EV